How effective is Social Media in Marketing Schools

How effective is Social Media in Marketing Schools

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Educational institutions are not the only ones who market their goods and services using social media. Well, due to the advent of technology, you can see everyone owning a gadget such as iPhone, smartphone, laptops, tablets and many more. Now, one of the reasons why people have that is to connect to other people across the globe and one of this communication medium is the social media. Since almost everyone has signed up to a social media, the higher education marketing has grabbed the opportunity to use it to increase the recruitment potentials of their institutions. (Source: Thus, as shown in the previous years, education sectors are utilising the power of technology and social sites to interact and to market with their services to potential students in the community.

Is social media an effective marketing tool?

We will use statistics in answering this question. Based on the Global trends of 2014, it has been reported that the use of social media is 70% better than the traditional form of education marketing such as email marketing and press advertising that is why marketing experts have suggested that an institution should increase their advertising funds using online methods to effectively increase their enrolment rate. However, it is essential for you to note that using social media as a sole educational marketing tool is not really a good idea. Therefore, you should complement this tool with other marketing strategies to guarantee efficiency.

How does social media become an important part of marketing?

Students were interviewed in Global Trends and what they said was, social media is a great channel where the universities and other educational institutions can share and inspire others easily through technology. In addition to this, survey results show that university and school websites are very important in answering the questions of the prospective students who are looking for information. Another good thing about using social media as a marketing tool, this could generate or answer questions immediately to those who need immediate responses. This means to say that if a page or social media account of a school is updated and well-managed, then the response time would be high. Moreover, in a specific study, social media is also very helpful in marketing an institution not just in the region where the school is located but also in the neighboring regions because the social media can reach any countries across the globe via the internet.

What are the tips that you should observe in using social media?

Since there are so many schools who are discovering the effectiveness of the social media, they should observe these marketing tips and tricks to make it work even more:

  1. Promote your school well by posting well-written content. Specific information is needed to provide potential students necessary data for their queries. You can add videos and pictures to showcase your school even more.
  2. Keep your site updated. The promotional growth and marketing efficiency of a certain institution if it is out dated. So, make sure to make your site fresh every time.

Manage quick responses so that the potential students will be able to

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How Education Magazines Are Improving Schools

How Education Magazines Are Improving Schools

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Reading has become a well-known habit of many individuals regardless of status in life, gender or age. Among the countless types of reading materials to read, magazines are considered to the highly preferred materials by millions of readers all over the world.

Magazines have been with individuals for many decades now. In ancient times, magazines are tools to support the government, politics, and criticisms and provide information that aims to contradict or affirm either release of study or research results. After gaining freedom, various companies develop the idea of starting magazine publishing business that will evolve on the different aspects of life. Many individuals started purchasing magazines with an aim of making themselves informed and updated about many things as well as the environment they live in.

Education Magazines Expand Human Knowledge

There are many different types of magazines available today and education magazines are the most famous and in demand ones. These magazines are said to elevate awareness and expand human knowledge. Education magazines are now one of the leading sources of essential information ready available for everybody. Readers of education magazines range from students, kids up to adults and executives.

For children, reading education magazines with great representations and informative contents are good ways to start learning and improve eventually. Based on studies, educational magazines play vital role in the period of development of personality, intelligence and behavior of individuals especially the children. For students, education magazines are good and reliable sources of information when doing home works and research works.

Education Magazines Contribute to Better Learning

Since educational magazines come with updated contents, further reading can certainly contribute to better learning. As for executives and professionals, being the captain of their journey is essential. In order to be constantly informed and updated in the workplace and be aware of the many different business issues, reading business magazines or education magazines is highly imperative. This can provide them not just smart insights and ideas but also awareness on current issues that are essential in the business field.

Through the years, education magazines have existed giving readers the accurate and fresh information. Education magazines tackle different interesting topics that will surely captivate the attention of readers and allow them to learn. These magazines work not just as information sources but also as lifestyle guide.

Reading education magazines is indeed an ideal way of expanding awareness and knowledge on many things. There have been lots of reading materials that feed your mind with lots of things but education magazines have the greatest potential of contributing to your craving mind. Choosing informative topics and point of personal interest is endless with education magazines & education PR websites.

So if you wish to widen your knowledge, awareness and familiarity about lots of things, reading education magazines is a must. These magazines are now readily available and accessible to all reader interested to learn. Reading education magazines can guarantee that you will have more improved learning. You can therefore use the knowledge that you gain in improving your life.


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Going Beyond With School Printing With Letterpress Printing

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october_3Letter press printing has been around for a very long time. Though it used to be one of the primary printing technique, due to the advancement of technology, it has been replaced by cheaper printing techniques such as digital printing. Nonetheless, letterpress printing is still among the printing techniques available in the market. Though there are newer printing technologies today, letterpress printing still has a lot to offer which give it an edge over other printing techniques.

Letterpress printing uses a plate which either has letters or images which is either inked or not when pressed into a paper to provide an elevated finish. The plate with the image or letter can be used multiple times to print multiple copies. There are two methods used by letterpress printing. These are embossing and debossing. Embossing raises the image higher than the rest of the paper while debossing lowers the image from the rest of the paper. There are several advantages in letterpress printing. Among the advantages are:

  1. Crisp – Letterpress printing provides a crisp finish rarely seen on other printing techniques. This makes it a popular choice for professional documents and letters especially when it is formal or business in nature.
  2. Clean – Not only is the finish crisp, it is also clean. Finishes without ink have no chance of blotted images. On the other hand, even with an ink finish, letterpress printing still prevents the ink from blotting to make sure the paper is clean.
  3. Increase value – The elevated finish of letterpress printing increases the value of the paper compared to other printing methods. When selling papers with such finish, companies can expect more profits than other types of finish.
  4. High end product – With the increase value and cost, papers with letterpress printing finish is considered a high end product. Buyers will have no problem paying a lot for such finish in the market.

There are a lot of popular uses for letterpress printing. With the crisp and clean finish, it is perfect in making business cards. As a high end product, wedding invitations will give a great impression of the grand celebration the guests can expect. Being sold as stationery, companies can expect high returns of their investments. Greeting cards also look more sincere and high end if the words and images are done through letterpress. Even drinking menus use letterpress printing to match the quality of the wines and other drinks the establishment is selling. Most of all bringing letterpress printing to your school will take arts and crafts to a whole new level.


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Education And Exercise Through Gymnastics: Preparing Your Body For Gymnastics

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For those who want to start a career in gymnastics, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your weight and body shape is at an optimum level for the sport. Because gymnastics demands people, who are flexible and have strong upper body strength, a good dose of exercise is needed for the job. Big thank you to Sophie at Ready Steady Gymnastics – A Coventry Gymnastics provider, for giving us these top tips.

Most people opt to go to the gym or a sports clinic if they want to lose weight and have fun with their workouts. However, if in case you are on a tight budget and do not have the funds to go to a nearby gymnasium to work out.

Your best option would be to exercise and workout at home or indoors. Your first option would be to purchase an exercise bike or a treadmill. If your budget allows, you can even buy both of these exercise machines if you want to lose weight seriously.

How much does it costs to own an exercise bike or a treadmill? That pretty much depends on the features and the model of the exercise machine that you wish to buy. However, I would prefer getting the model that has features that are useful for your workouts. Don’t get an exercise machine just because it looks cool or good; get an exercise machine because it will help you in losing weight!

Getting fit while staying indoors is possible. With your treadmill or exercise bike, you can set up a schedule for working out.

A good time would be early morning, which is just before breakfast, and then late afternoon.

The schedules are perfect because when you exercise before breakfast, this means that you are working out and losing calories that are stored in your body.

This is the reason some people, no matter how many exercises they try, do not lose weight; it is because they exercise and shed the present fat and calories, not the stored calories!

Beth-boyNever forget to do some warm-ups before the workout. This will help in giving your body enough time to prepare for the intensive work out. Not getting a warm up before the exercises will give you back aches and pains because of muscle soreness.

One more important tip when working indoors is to mind the people who are living together with you. If possible, do not work out or place your exercise machines where children can go near them. This can lead to accidents and injuries. Do not work out if it’s going to disturb those who are living near you; find a quiet room far away from them since it is rude to disturb them just for your sake of working out.

Once you are at an ideal weight and body shape, you can start building upper body strength by working on some of the basics in gymnastics. If you have no idea how to start doing this, then going to a gym that deals with gymnastics is the best way to start.

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Top 3 Reasons Why School Staff Need Replacement Keys

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12538204If you ask a locksmith how often they will get a call about a school needing replacement keys, you’ll be surprised what he has to say. More often than not, locksmiths receive a phone call every day with a request for key replacement in an education establishment. This is especially true in the city and due to the fact that schools have so many pairs of keys it’s hard to keep track. Here are the top 3 reasons why a school would need key replacement .

  1. Broken or Damaged Keys – Even the keys will get damaged or broken at some point especially if the keys are old. Aside from time, there are several instances which could damage the keys. If the key is used for any other reasons like to open parcels or even in the wrong lock the key can break which would result in needing a completely new key.
  2. Misplaced Keys – Not all people are patient enough to try and look for their misplaced keys and when it comes to a school patience can run extremely thin. Many people who have misplaced their keys would immediately request for replacement keys in order not to interrupt daily activities. And there are some of them who will find the lost keys later on. Unless it is during emergency situations, it is better to try looking for the misplaced car keys before requesting for a replacement key.
  3. Stolen Keys – A stolen key is also a major reason why schools have to request for replacement keys. In the case of schools stolen keys can be extremely worrying as it puts the lives of the children that are under the school’s protection in danger. This is an emergency situation and people would request replacement car keys right away. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea since the thief will have the original key which gives him access to the school which he will definitely try. The best thing to do is to replace the whole set aside from the key that was lost.

In case your school needs replacement keys, it is better to be safe than sorry so look into replacing your keys online and they can help you straight away.  Not just normal keys can be lost either, car keys are repeat culprits. So stay covered by a locksmith, always.



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Education: The Wealthiest Form of Investment

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In today’s recent economic status, in order to live and sustain the needs of their families, most individuals tend to seek various types of businesses to invest. These investments will cover up their daily expenses and for dealing emergency expenditures. Business investments are considered as a profitable form of investment. However, many are asking if what kind of business that can be considered as the wealthiest form of investment. In favor for all mankind, education is said to be one of the best choice to invest, most especially if you are preparing for the future.

Through education, every individual will have a greater opportunity to change their current status in the society. For children, education is known to be as their backbone in planning and preparing for a successful future. This is the main reason why parents tend to invest more on the education of their children. Moreover, the success of one’s nation can be justified through the level of education of its citizens.

education and economyThe more educated the people, the more productive the country. More money, better jobs and more advanced lifestyles are some of the beneficial outcome if education will be on the top priority. Education should always be prioritized as it is critical in nurturing future generations. Because of the fast pace of technological advancement that creates new and fresh opportunities that present new challenges, education will only be the surest possible way in ensuring a clearer future.

For unfortunate countries when it comes to economic growth and development, education is said to be the only key in lifting the lives of families from poverty. Long-term gains are being achieved through education, may it be social, personal or economic improvement.

Aside from the above mentioned benefits, education has a lot to offer. If you are an educated person, then the people around you will respect you. An educated person knows how to react and deal with the public in a more respectable manner. On the other hand, a well-learned individual knows how to pay respect to others, regardless of his/her age, gender and status in the society. Through proper education, the government can effectively promote world peace. A well schooled society fully understands the reason why their government has a strong advocacy in terms of peace and unity.

educationWell-informed parents are expected to spend more on the education of their children. Apart from the basic responsibility of the government, the parents have the greater responsibility in sending their children to school. For children, having a degree in the future is one of the best gifts a parent can offer. It is considered as a priceless and more secured form of investment for children.

For parents, plan promptly and secure the future of the children through formal education. For government rulers, affordable education should be on the top priority and must be available for all, most especially in those depressed communities of any country. It is not a lie to open the minds of the affected community that “ignorance continually promotes poverty”.

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